Zopnow Customer Care

Zopnow Customer care number

Contact Number (Not Toll Free)

Waiting Time

  •    2-3 minutes

Hours of Operation

  • 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Customer Service Number (Others)

  • N/A

Planning to buy some groceries and therefore need to know about the availability of shipping in your area or locality? Need to know the type of food brands that the company deals in and also know about provided discounts as well? Want to know the current status of your order and thus need the help of the Customer Care in this regard? Wish to complain about the quality of groceries being delivered to you and want the Customer Care to escalate your feedback to the higher management? There is nothing to be worried about. Zopnow Customer Care will make sure that you get the best products for your needs and will ensure that all of your complaints get taken care of as well, in the best way possible.

About Zopnow

Zopnow is a company based in India and is currently focused on providing the online e-commerce platform for its customers to shop and purchase various kinds of groceries from various different brands, and get the products delivered right at their doorstep. The headquarters of the company is based Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The company currently serves in nine states across India, including Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, etcetera. The company has also teamed with retail shopping chains like More and Hypercity as well.

Zopnow Head Office

  • Address: ZopNow.com. #1502, 19th Main Road, HSR Layout, Sector 1. Bangalore - 560102
  • Phone No: 080 3075 2433
  • Founder: Mukesh Singh, Bal Krishn Birla
  • Established in: 2011
  • Key People: Sunit (COO)
    Raj (CEO)
    Vikash (CTO)

Zopnow History

Zopnow was founded in the year 2011. The company has been operational for more than eight years now. The founder of the company was Mukesh Singh. The company started off by adopting an inventory-keeping e-commerce platform, and later in the year 2014, the company made its focus more towards building the company in a smart and efficient manner. By the year 2016, the company became a dominant player in the online grocery market and customer care service as well.

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