Videocon D2h Customer Care

Videocon ​​​D2h Customer care number

Toll Free Number

Waiting Time

  • 2-3 minutes

Hours of Operation

  • 24 Hours 7 Days of Week (24/7)

Customer Service Number (Others)

Would you like to be a local dealer of Videocon ​d2h but you are unsure of your eligibility? Have you changed your payment plan but the new method seems problematic for you? Are you having a challenge installing your newly acquired set-top box? Are you trying to use your smartphone as the remote but it does not seem to work? Are you experiencing connectivity problems in your location and you are not sure how to handle that inconvenience? Or is your monthly subscription proving tedious and you would like to change to the annual subscription? You do not have to keep asking your friends whose advice does not seem to offer the assistance you need. The Videocon ​d2h is within your reach. The professional Videocon d2h customer care team is willing to help you with your challenges in a fast and convenient way. 

How to ​Talk to a Videocon D2H ​Customer ​Care ​Executive?

Because the nature of the clients and preferences are different, Videocon has various methods of contacting the customer support executives. For the subscribers and non-subscribers, there are also different methods.

  1. ​​​As long as you are in India and your phone is operable, you may contact the Videocon d2h customer care using the toll-free number of 18001806000. Regardless of the time you take, you will not be charged. As such, make good use of that opportunity by explaining clearly your queries or concerns.
  2. If you are a subscriber, you may log in to your account and utilize the live chat with the support. For those who would like to subscribe, you just go to the official website which is and create your account to enjoy the chat. You may even write a text message by checking that option on the website.
  3. It is amazing to note you can express your concerns or ask questions through Twitter @Videocond2h
  4. Alternatively, you can write to the customer care team using the email address Express yourself in a brief but concise manner to relay the right message to the support team.

About VideocoN D2H

Videocon ​d2h is a telecom company based in India that offers direct broadcast satellite and also pay TV services to its customers. It thrives in providing specific services to both commercial and residential customers such as audio programming, satellite television, interactive television services, and availing set-top boxes in many cities in India.

Videocon D2 has a market share of about 19% and the number of customers has continued to increase particularly after the merger with Dish TV. Currently, this joint venture has the highest number of subscribers which totals to about 29million.

Videocon d2h Head Office

  • Address: Videocon d2h Limited, 1st Floor, Techweb Centre, New Link Road, Near Mega Mall, Oshiwara, Mumbai – 400102, Maharashtra, India
  • Phone No: +91-73558 73558
  • Founder: ​​Venugopal Dhoot
  • Established in: 2009
  • Key People: Anil Khera (CEO)

Videocon ​d2hHistory

​Videocon ​d2h is regarded as the largest and most prominent company of its kind. It was established in 2009 and is headquartered in Mumbai, India. Anil Khera has played a pivotal part in the establishment and growth of Videocon D2H. This company came from tow parent organizations namely Videocon and Essel Group whose shares are 44.6% and 55.4% respectively. The most recent milestone was the merger with Dish TV in 2017 which has helped in reaching more customers.

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