Thyrocare Customer Care

Thyrocare Customer care number

Contact Number (Not Toll Free)

Waiting Time

  •    2-3 minutes

Hours of Operation

  • 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Customer Service Number (Others)

  • 9870666333 (SMS)
    8425944544 (Whats App)

Facing pain in your throat and thyroid glands and therefore need to apply for making some tests, and thus need help from the Customer Care in letting you know of the process? Want to know the fees and costs of applying for CT scan and therefore require the Customer Care's assistance in this matter? Need to enter your name in the register of a particular doctor that you want to see, and therefore want to know the procedure? Wish to apply for a duplicate doctor's prescription that you have recently lost and thus need the Customer Care's help in this matter? There is nothing to be worried about. Thyrocare Customer Care will make you feel right at home, be it regarding any issues or problems that you may have, and will make sure that you get the right treatment too.

About Thyrocare

Thyrocare Technologies Limited is an Indian company that specialises in setting up laboratories for various types of diagnosis and preventive care for ensuring the best human health in terms of Thyroid patients. The headquarters of the company is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The company has set up its outlets in more than 1,122 locations, all over India. The company not only provides services in India but also her neighbouring countries as well, like Nepal, Bangladesh and the Middle East as well.

Thyrocare Head Office

  • Address: D-37/1, MIDC, Turbhe, Opp. Sandoz, Navi Mumbai - 400 703
  • Phone No: 022 3090 0000
  • Founder: A. Velumani
  • Established in: 1996
  • Key People: A. Sundararaju (Director & CFO)

Thyrocare History

​Thyrocare Technologies Limited was founded in the year 1996. The founder of the company is A. Velumani. The company is currently a public limited company. A. Velumani is also the CEO and managing director of the company as well. As of the financial year 2015, the total revenue generated by the company is more than 1,870 million INR. Also, as of the year 2018, the number of employees currently working at the company is more than 1200.

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