​T24 Customer Care

​​​​​T24 Customer care number

Toll Free Number

  • 52121 (From your T24 Mobile number)

Waiting Time

  • ​1-​5 minutes

Hours of Operation

  • 24 Hours 7 Days of Week

​Planning to get a new mobile connection for your smartphone from T24, but don't know how to go through the process, and thus need the help of the Customer Care? Need to get your sim card replaced from your nearest retailer, and therefore want the Customer Care to let you know of the location? Want to know the various plans and tariffs made available by T24? Wish to complain about the weak signal availability in your area, and thus want to learn about any possible solutions from the Customer Care? You shouldn't need to worry about it at all. T24 Customer Care with their skilled staff will help you to get information about any nearby T24 retail shops, and will also let you know about the various plans and tariff offers. The Customer Care will also help you to solve all your connectivity issues and will help you get your sim card replaced as well.

How to Talk to T24 Customer Care Executive?

  • First of all, you can reach the Customer Care Executive by giving a phone call at the following phone number - +91 89 7621 2121.
  • You can also reach the Customer Care Executive by sending an email at the following email address - customerservice@t24mobile.com.
  •  You can also reach the Customer Care Executive by calling 52121 from your T24 registered phone number as well.

​T24 Customer Care ​Numbers State Wise

CircleCustomer Service Short CodeCustomer Service NumberCustomer Care Email ID
Andhra Pradesh5212180191 52121customerservice@t24mobile.com
Chhattisgarh5212174151 52121customerservice@t24mobile.com
Gujarat5212188661 52121customerservice@t24mobile.com
Haryana5212172062 22121customerservice@t24mobile.com
Himachal Pradesh5212180912 22121customerservice@t24mobile.com
Bihar & Jharkhand5212172091 52121customerservice@t24mobile.com
Karnataka5212174116 52121customerservice@t24mobile.com
Kerala5212177361 52121customerservice@t24mobile.com
Kolkata5212189612 52121customerservice@t24mobile.com
Madhya Pradesh5212174151 52121customerservice@t24mobile.com
Maharashtra5212187931 52121customerservice@t24mobile.com
Mumbai5212189762 12121customerservice@t24mobile.com
Orissa5212172052 52121customerservice@t24mobile.com
Punjab5212176961 52121customerservice@t24mobile.com
Rajasthan5212177371 52121customerservice@t24mobile.com
RO W .Bengal5212190462 22121customerservice@t24mobile.com
TamilNadu5212174188 52121customerservice@t24mobile.com
UP(East)5212172751 52121customerservice@t24mobile.com
UP(West)5212174178 52121customerservice@t24mobile.com

About ​T24

T24 is currently a dysfunctional mobile connection operator. The mobile operator is based in India. The services of T24 were available is various telecom circles, including Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, West Bengal, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh etcetera. T24 mainly dealt in 2G operator connections, providing various offers and tariffs exclusively to customers who shopped at Future Group Retail Shops, like Big Bazaar and Pantaloons. The headquarters of the company is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

​T24 Head Office​

  • Address: ​9th Floor, Tower - C,247 Park, LBS Marg, Vikhroli (W), Mumbai - 400 083
  • Founder: ​Joint venture of Tata Teleservies Limited and Future Group
  • Established in: ‎February 2010 

​​T24 History

​The cellular mobile operator T24 was founded in the year 2010. T24 was formed as a collaboration between Tata Teleservices and Future Group Retail. The services of T24 were shut down on the 14th of August, 2018. The current users of the T24 telecom operator are now moved over to Tata Docomo, which is another venture of Tata Teleservices. From 15th of August 2018, all the current users of the T24 platforms were moved over to Tata Docomo. T24 currently ceases to exist as of today, and therefore the further services of the users will be carried by Tata Docomo.

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