Cherrinet Customer Care

Cherrinet Customer care number

Contact Number (Not Toll Free)

Waiting Time

  •    2-3 minutes

Hours of Operation

  • 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Customer Service Number (Others)

Need to upgrade your internet connection at home and therefore want to know about the different plans being offered? Want to buy a router for WIFI usage and thus need a recommendation from the Customer Care in this matter? Planning to complain about the quality of connectivity speeds being offered at your locality and want the Customer Care to accept your honest feedback? Wish to apply for a secondary connection for your office so that you can allow your employees the full freedom to use the internet for their work? Fret not. Cherrinet Customer Care will help you solve any internet problems that you may have and will allow you to enjoy the best internet access speeds.

About Cherrinet

​Cherrinet is an Indian Internet Service Provider company that focuses on the distribution of internet services to its customers or users. The headquarters of the company is based in Chennai, India. The current authorised and paid-up capital of the company is about 5 lac INR. The current directors of the company are Desmond Hemanth Theodore and Sridhar Venkatesh. The company uses fiber optic cables in order to provide the best internet services, at affordable costs, to its customers.

Cherrinet Head Office

  • Address: No.233/F4, Kutchery Road, Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600004
  • Phone No: 044 4930 3030
  • Founder: Kalanithi Maran
  • Established in:  2007
  • Key People: Sridhar Venkatesh and Desmond Hemanth Theodore

Cherrinet History

Cherrinet was founded in the year 2015. The company has been operational for more than four years now. The company is currently owned by K Net Solutions Private Limited. The last AGM or Annual General Meeting of the company was held in the year 2017, and the balance sheet of the company was also filed in the same year as well. The company is currently a private limited company and was registered under the Registrar of Chennai jurisdiction.

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