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Toll Free Number

Waiting Time

  •    1-2 minutes

Hours of Operation

  • 24 Hours & days of week (24/7)

Customer Service Number (Others)

Planning to buy an air conditioner, and therefore want to know about the range of air conditioners available for purchase? Need to know about any exchange offers on washing machines so that you can exchange your old one for a new one? Want to know the best water heater available for your usage and budget, and thus want the Customer Care to help you out in this regard? Bought a microwave oven, but it is malfunctioning and therefore wish to apply for warranty support? Wish the Customer Care to help you know how to use the new Dish Washer that you have bought recently? Don't fret. Carrier AC Customer Care will not only help you understand the various kinds of air conditioners available for purchase but will also help you know about any exchange offers and help you buy the right product for your specific needs. The Customer Care will also help you get all your warranty claims and will aid you in operating a particular Carrier product as well.

How to Talk to a Carrier AC Customer Center Care Executive?

  • If you want to contact the Customer Care Executive via email, you can do so at the following email IDs:
  • You can also contact the Customer Care Executive via phone, with the help of one of these phone numbers:
    - 1800 3000 0011
    - 1800 3011 1111

About Carrier

Carrier is a company that is based in Florida, USA. The company mostly manufactures air conditioning, heating and also refrigeration solutions. It has its operations currently in over 170 different countries. The company also made a pact with Midea, which is a Fortune 500 company. The worth of Media is over $35 billion, and also has its operations in over 190 countries worldwide. Together these companies currently operate. Currently, about 45,000 people are working at the company.

Carrier Head Office

  • Address: Carrier Midea India Private Limited, 1st Floor, Pearl Tower, Plot No - 51, Sector - 32, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122001
  • Phone No: ​0124-61​​​​44300​​​ 
  • Founder: Willis Carrier
  • Established in: 1915
  • Key People: Krishan Sachdev (Managing Director)

Carrier History

Carrier AC was founded in the year 1915. The founder of the company was Willis Carrier. The company has been operational for 103 years now. The starting capital of the company was $32,600. The first factory of the company was purchased in the year 1920, in New Jersey, USA. Around the 1950s, the company’s products were heavily marketed towards residential uses. In 1979, the company was acquired by United Technologies Limited. In the year 2001, Carrier was the world’s largest manufacturer of the air conditioner, refrigeration and also heating equipment. At that time, the company was generating around $8.9 billion revenue a year. In 2010, the company opened its factories in China, and in 2011 in Mexico as well. As of 2018, Carrier is facing immense crisis and losses in its Indianapolis factory.

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