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Waiting Time

  •    2-3 minutes

Hours of Operation

  • 24 Hours & days of week (24/7)

Customer Service Number (Others)

Want to buy a new window air conditioner for your family, but confused on the various kinds of models currently available, and thus need the help of the Customer Care to help you choose the best for you? Need to get a quote on commercial air conditioners for your new business, and thus want the Customer Care to aid you in this matter? Want to know about the amount of tonnage you need to buy for your room specifications, and thus want the Customer Care to help you with the tonnage calculator? Need to know about the nearest dealer, so that you can get a demo of the air conditioner you’re planning to buy? Don’t worry. Blue Star Customer Care will help you not only choose the best window air conditioner for your family but will also help you know the location of your nearest dealers, get a quote for commercial air conditioners, and also help you with the tonnage calculator too.

How to Talk to a Blue Star Customer Center Care Executive?

  • Firstly, you can get in touch with the Customer Care Executive, by giving a phone call at the following phone number - 1800 209 1177.
  • You can also get in touch with the Customer Care Executive by sending an SMS with the word “Service” to number 57575.
  • You can also connect with the Customer Care Executive, by sending an email at the following email address -
  • And finally, you can also get in touch with the Customer Care Executive by filling up the form at the following website address -

About Blue Star

Blue Star is an Indian company that sorely specializes in air conditioning and also in commercial refrigeration products as well. As of the current year, the total revenue generated by the company is about over $682 million. The company has about 32 offices all over India, combined with five manufacturing facilities and also has about 2800 employees currently working in the company. The company also has about 2900 channel partners as well. Blue Star has over 5000 stores all over India, showcasing their air conditioners, along with 756 service centers in almost 800 towns and cities. Blue Star was the first company in India to introduce the RO+UV hot and cold water purifier. The research and development facility of the company focuses on being energy efficient, eco-friendly and also being sustainable as well.

Blue Star Head Office

  • Address: BlueStar House, Madhuradas Vasanji Road, Bandi Bazaar, Nair Wadi, Asalpha, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400072
  • Phone No: N/A
  • Founder: Mohan T Advani
  • Established in: 1943
  • Key People: Ashok M Advani (Chairman)
    Suneel M Advani (Chairman)
    Vir S Advani (Managing Director)

Blue Star History

Blue Star was founded in the year 1943. The founder of the company was Mohan T Advani. The company started with a three-member team, into the world of air conditioning and refrigerators. Within three years of establishment, the company got licensing from Melchoir Armstrong Dessau Company for various types of air conditioning and refrigeration instruments. In the year 1949, the company started exporting its products to Dubai. In the year 1960, the company was converted to a public limited, and the number of employees crossed the 1000 mark. In the year 2005-06, the company passed a milestone of 1,178 crore INR revenue. As of 2018, the revenue numbers crossed 4600 crore INR.

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