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Amazon Customer care number                    

Toll Free Number

Waiting Time

  • 2-3 minutes

Hours of Operation

  • 24 Hours 7 Days of Week (24/7)

Customer Service Number (Others)

Are you new to Amazon and unsure how to navigate to place your order? Or have you placed an order with the right description but received a product that does not meet your expectations? Do you want to become an Amazon affiliate but are stuck? Are you in doubt whether the cash deducted from your credit card is the actual amount you spent on Amazon? Or do you have any other concern that seems to bother you and are wondering who to turn to? No need to lack peace of mind because Amazon Customer Care executives are within reach any time of the day. In fact, the options to reach them are innumerable. You may email them, chat with them on social media sites, call them or even chat with them.

How to ​Talk to an Amazon ​Customer ​Care ​Executive?

You should not have challenges navigating through Amazon India while there are various ways of forwarding your concerns depending on your preferences, convenience or nature of a problem. You may choose from the following: 

  • The easiest and most convenient way for most people is a phone call through the Amazon Customer Care number that is 1(888) 280-4331.

  • However, that may not be possible at times and you can opt to post your concern on their Twitter handle which is @AmazonIN or even Facebook account which is Amazon India.

  • Alternatively, you can write them an email using the following email address

  • Finally, you can chat with them by using your Amazon account. By messaging the Customer Service Representatives, you may have your concerns addressed.

About  Amazon

Amazon is an e-commerce company that has many outlets globally. In India, it works with small and medium business owners to reach a high number of clients. This online platform allows business owners, authors, and sellers to build themselves and expand locally and internationally. By having various community-based projects, Amazon has continued to reach more Indians. With the brand knowledge among the customers, more people in India are utilizing Amazon opportunities and even participating in affiliate marketing. The outcome is improved livelihoods among the people. 

Amazon deals with various commodities like electronics, clothes ware, furniture, toys, jewels, software, downloads/streaming of audiobooks, e-books publishing among other online services.

Amazon Head Office

  • Address: No. 26/1, 8th, 9th & 10th Floor, Brigade Gateway, Dr Rajkumar Road, Malleswaram West, Bangalore - 560055 
  • Phone No: 1800 419 7355080 3327 3000
  • Founder: ​​Jeff Bezos
  • Established in: July 5, 1994; 23 years ago 
  • Key People: ​​Jeff Bezos (Chairman, President & CEO)                                            Werner ​Vogel (CTO)

Amazon History

It is amazing to realize that Amazon is not India-based but a foreign investment. It was established in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. Amazon was initially called ‘Cadabra’ but later changed to ensure that people did not get the wrong connotation of the e-commerce since Cadabra would be confused with Cadaver which implies a dead body. As Amazon continued to embrace technology, it grew in the number of clientele base to the extent that now it is the largest e-commerce retail seller in terms of market capitalization and revenue generated. However, it comes second after Alibaba group which takes precedence in the market with its huge sales. 

Notably, for Amazon’s success, the company had various mergers and acquisitions to increase market capitalization and the number of clients reached nationally.

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